Best multitrack app for TX-6 on Iphone, not Ipad

I am happily using the tx6 with my ipad with AUM and many little battery powered sound generating boxes, a killer combo!

Sometimes I am without ipad, but never without iphone

Unfortunately I don’t think AUM works too well with the Iphone, so now I am looking for an alternative.

My needs are simple:
A many tracks as possible on one page, only direct in from TX6 to track so 6 tracks suffice.

One sum track recording and stems

dropbox integration

AUV3 support would be nice, but is not necessary.

Any suggestions?

Aum would be my first choice but I also use Zenbeats and cubasis 3.
Loopy Pro also has a a very powerful mixer and routing capabilities.
I never use GarageBand but I guess it can do the trick too

When you say “as many tracks as possible on one page”, I assume you are saying you want to see all six stereo tracks on your iPhone, which is why you made the distinction versus iPad? To my knowledge, you’re not going to magically get full visibility into six full stereo tracks in a screen as small as the iPhone.

EDIT: I would love to be wrong, however!

How about iZotope Spire? It’s pretty basic but quick and easy to use. More of a multi track audio sketch pad than a full blown production tool but I like it for capturing ideas.