best pocket operator?

I was on the fence about these until I saw that they sync to the volcas. I was really wanting the sub because I’m not big on the 303 style squelchy acid sounding volca bass and I like the sound of the sub, only it’s not available yet. Or not in stock, where I work. I drive a forklift in a huge warehouse full of musical instruments (jealous much?) haha. Think you’ve got GAS? I’m terminal… So back to the point the Factory PO was reviewed as the best one of the three and obviously I love the animation (forklifts!) but to be honest I wasn’t as blown away by the sound of it as I was the other 2. Maybe I watched the wrong video, it just didn’t sound as deep as the others

Its a tough choice. I started with the sub. Love it. It is so phat and drives the shit outta any speakers I’ve tried it on. I wish it was chromatic though. my new po12 (guitar center) love it. Very nice change of pace from the sub. Very different workflow. Looking forward to getting the factory. If you have room for a bass machine in your click clock setup the sub is great but I don’t use it as much for actual music making. As again its stuck in C. The sub/rhythm combo is so much fun. I feel like I xa. DJ for hours with it!!! I’m really enjoying the pocket operators and the price is just right! I’d say get the sub if you want a bass and rhythm if you want a drum machine.

They aren’t really for serious music creation but boy are they fun. And just like any instrument I’m sure you could become a wizard with any of them and make the dopest of beats. I really like how fast I can jump into not making the music but just enjoying it. I really feel the Jam.

Thanks, and yeah at that price I will eventually get all three anyway…I just love the little animations, guys on forklifts & cranes, in submarines sleeping on cots. Knowing TE from my OP1 I’m sure all of that is cleverly correlated to the sound somehow. I imagine I’ll end up with a little briefcase stocked with Korg volcas, monotrons , TE pocket operators, a Belkin Rockstar, portable 808 speakers & a mess of patch cables…

Its funny. The older I get, I become less and less concerned with “serious music creation”. Let’s make it fun again.

I just got all 3 yesterday. I tried the factory first, because I was the least excited about it. Still haven’t delved into the other 2 yet having too much fun with the factory!



^well thats certainly the order im going to buy them in :wink:

I like the Factory best as a standalone so far. I love all three. First track

i just got my first pocket operator in the form of the po-16 factory. i love it already! i personally find it to be the most versatile. it can do shrill leads, soft bubbly leads, and even bass lines. plus, it comes with a single drum kit which is pretty fun. i haven’t got any recordings of it up on soundcloud yet, but it’s impressive what comes out of the little guy.

the factory part in the last episode of sonic state’s review was what made me fall in love with it.

Everything I’ve read so far has indicated the Factory as the least favorite. Though, it seems like it’s tide has gone up since being released. I’m personally gassing after it and may pick one up at Guitar Center since they have it now. I love the PO-12, but it’s not very melodic.

I like the Factory best as a standalone so far. I love all three. First track

That’s awesome!

Like @Sammyjams (nice track man !) I think that PO-16 "Factory" is the best as standalone PO.

PO-12 "Rythm" shines with other hardware, it sounds great ! I do believe it can be used for serious creation.
I really like to melt it with the sounds of the Volca Beats, they are really complementary.

One day I'll get an Analog Rytm and the first samples I'll load will be PO-12 :)

My favorite PO is the Factory, because… CHORDS!!! In fact I had them all, but sold the others. Now waiting for the Factory case to arrive, for ultimate mobile fun.

Best pocket operator?

My left hand!!

Wakka wakka wakka.