Best software for simple MIDI routing in OSX

Folks - what are your recommendations?

Nothing really advanced required, just want to be able to have my USB connected MIDI devices talkIng to each other on my Mac without having to start Ligic and create tracks.


This one might be what you are looking for:

Cheers @bichuelo. There’s another couple I’d heard of called MIDI-pipe and MIDI-thru. Do you know if/how they compare?


@cloudburst I do remember those though I am currently at my pc. I recall choosing MIDI Patchbay since it seemed easier to use

Another one which you might try is Plogue Bidule:
It’s not free but if you only use the monitoring it is really easy to build the patch each time

I’ve ended up getting what I need from Patchbay, thanks.

One question though - I can’t seem to get Bluetooth (or WiFi) MIDI mappings to work properly, even though my iPad is connected. I can send MIDI to iPad apps (either WiFi or Bluetooth), but I can’t get MIDI messages to operate in the other direction (either over WiFi or Bluetooth) in order to use the iPad apps as MIDI controllers. Any ideas?


I use MidiPipe and MIDI Monitor quite a bit

Problem with wireless MIDI solved (I think).

Have been able to use Xynthesizr as a controller using MIDI over WiFi, patching either via the Network panel in Apple’s native Audio/MIDI Setup Utility or by using Patchbay.

I think Roli 5D can’t transmit MIDI.

And I think I haven’t got an iOS app which supports sending MIDI over Bluutooth.