Best way to export to Ableton?

So I have this project I’ve been working on the OP-Z and I feel it’s time to move on and continue with the final touches in Ableton.

What’d be the best way to do that while keeping the most information from the OP-Z (midi etc)?

I’ve only found this video ( but I’m not sure if there’s a better way now that we have USB audio with the latest firmware.

Hey, I don’t think you’ll be able to retain midi information from the OPZ into Ableton. But I think you have a few options to transition from the OPz to Ableton.

  1. Record stems from each track into Ableton. You should be able to set the OPZ as an audio interface, then set up tracks in Ableton to correspond to the tracks you have in the OPZs project file. Record one track at a time, while muting the inactive tracks. Repeat until you have all the stems for your project as audio files in Ableton. This option gives you more flexibility in mixing / mastering.

  2. Bounce your OPZ project to a stereo Aiff file. Using content mode, copy the Aiff into Ableton. This option gives you less flexibility for mixing and mastering. But this option is the quick solution. You can also record your output from the OPZ into Ableton and get a similar result.


I thought you could only bounce like 11 second files or something? You can’t bounce whole songs right?

Thanks for that. I stand corrected. Unlike the OP-1, which has the a master track export feature, the OP-Z’s Bounce feature is limited to 10 seconds, which is basically worthless. Sorry about any confusion.

Yes I really don’t get the point in that feature, why would I want a ten second loop? It’s really rediculous…

If they could make it the full track or just take that feature away I would be happy.


I think they should at least make it a complete loop of 1 pattern not random 10 seconds…and let us resample it :slight_smile:


I think they did it so as your sifting through saved projects you can get a quick listen to what it sounds like. That’s how I use it at least. I agree though the random 11 seconds or whatever it is you bounce out is weird. When I record the op-z in to ableton i record in stereo in to one track so I can add in effects, etc in real time but I will also set up individual tracks for each midi channel and record all the midi as well. Then you can add other instruments on the midi tracks, edit the midi; you can end up with a completely new song just using the recorded midi.

Yes! Complete loop with FX tails. That would be perfect.

What about syncing the midi / audio to the Ableton timeline?

I set the BPM in ableton to match the song tempo on the op-z; make sure the op-z shows up in the preferences - Link Midi tab - make sure you have sync on…then I just hit record.

Hey, here’s a video that specifically addresses this topic. I hope it helps.

This is great, but how does one mute tracks when playing a pattern chain? Each pattern has its own mutes.

Hey Charlie. Great point. The trick is, you will need to mute individual parts in each pattern, then program the pattern chain. Once recorded, mute different parts and repeat. It’s a bit involved, but that’s the nature of the device. Let me know if you know a better way to do it.

I’m working on a way to get Logic to send midi messages to mute all but one OP-Z track. It works, but it’s messy. Looking for more efficient version.

That’s a cool feature. Let me know how that develops.