best way to make recommendations for OP-1?

I just bought an OP-1 and I like it a lot. There are some easy ways to improve it for the way I work that I dont think would impact its other functionality … has anyone had any success making recommendations with TE and what is the best avenue to do it?

I would contact them through the contact link on the site and select “Business.” I’ve always had the best luck that way getting a response

If I may, I would advise to discuss your improvements on this forum before.

There may be some way around already, or something you missed…


@LyingDalai, I would love to get a “keep last” loop mode in the tape recorder where only the last completely recorded lap is kept (as either the only audio on the track or the overdub). This allows one to keep playing non-stop until you’re happy with the pass, because the current way I have to keep stopping to lift/drop backup takes from other parts of the tape. The “keep last” loop mode could be triggered with Shift+Loop button.