Best way to record bass into the OP-1?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to record an EP just using the OP-1, Volca FM, Minilouge and a bass guitar.

Everything else is very simple (line in, record to tape) but I don’t wanna fry the input board with a bass signal. Just wanted to double check first.

It’s an Ibanez ITK active bass but I’m not really sure what kind of signal that will put out. Would it be best to use a DI or something? I’m on quite a tight budget and this is mainly for fun/a hobby so it doesn’t need to be professional quality at all.

Do people here record bass into their OP-1? And if so how?


really doubt u can damage anything by plugging in a bass into the op1.

the level might be low. but if its active it might not.

u could experiment w/ the gain on the op1 and see if you can get it in a range u like.

if not, something like a pedal w/ its own vol/gain, or a DI would probably help.

I have plugged my passive Mustang bass into the OP-1 and seemed to work fine. Had to turn the gain up a bit, but seemed to work ok for the most part.

It’ll be fine, as your active pickups (+ preamp onboard usually?) will bring the volume up to line level, which is what the input is looking for. You won’t break anything, and just turn the bass down if it is clipping the input - but I doubt this will happen.

Buy a small mixer with a High-Z (instrument) input. Run the “2-track output” of the mixer into your OP-1 with an RCA y-cable. I sample all my synths/drum machines into the OP-1 this way, then walk out the door and sequence wherever I might be. Best sound I’ve found.

Affordable mixer I’d recommend is the Zed10 or Zed10FX. It has instrument input, and enough for the rest of your pieces. Leave em plugged into the mixer, sample with the OP-1 or record onto your computer.

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Pay attention to deactivate the oscillators, and open the Envelope with max Sustain and infinite Release if there is such thing…

You would be able to use ML filters and FX, quite interesting I guess :wink:

I record my bass to the op-1 like daily.

Currently i’m using either the Digitech RP-355, Line 6 pocket pod, or in a pinch the Zoon h4n w/effects. I like to have a real (even if emulated) gain stage to get good levels to the op. I have done some internal op bass processing but I like my boxes better for that stuff. I’m a bootsy inspired guy so i’m looking for envelope followers and that type of stuff that the op doesnt come close to touching.

I use a Tech21 Sansamp VT Bass pedal. It’s worth it to use something like that to get some amp tone on your bass… adds a lot of depth vs running it straight.

I plug my SG bass in the OP through a cheap plastic behringer bass EQ pedal. Does the job :slight_smile:

You can get a headphone amp for cheap (got mine for $30) and that works great. I use the Electro Harmonix headphone amp, which puts out a line level signal through an 1/8 inch port, and run an 1/8 inch cord from it to the mic in on the OP1. Sounds great, I can use all of my pedals, and there’s plenty of headroom. Awesome for playing guitar, or really any other instrument with a pickup, into the OP.