Beyond Oort's Cloud // OP-1 ambient/electronic

Hi there, today I’m sharing with you my latest creation, from some ideas born on the OP-1 to a full arrangement polished in Logic Pro.
This tune features space synth atmospheres, weird vocal chops patterns, thundering drum breaks and surprise funky finale.
Hope you like it!

(there’s also a slightly better sounding version on Soundcloud)


Your Komo rebit track/video is one of my all time favourite Op-1 demos.

In fact, on my long, winding journey back to getting an Op-1 (or 2) that demo has played a major role in making that decision.

Thank you.

aww, thank you! I love that one too! Must be the 7/4 time signature, there’s something… unsettling about it. Need to use it more often!

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You’re welcome.

The time signature’s definitely part of the appeal.

And with that said, the track reminds me a little bit of Reload/Global Communications. Little bits here & there, the melody perhaps. My fav Reload track is this one, with the odd time signature.

Sorry to derail your thread slightly.

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I listened to this song, very nice! There’s this plucky-bell-high pitch kind of sound that is very similar. Btw now I know how to properly call the music genre I want to make: ‘smooth electronic’ haha

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Lets see if that takes off.

Folks, you read it here 1st.

Very cool ! I like fluid graphics in the screen !

there’s a classic black dog remix of this you might enjoy

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Thanks for that.

I have the cd but haven’t heard that remix in over 20 years.

Edit: Off to do some gardening, while listening to this.

Thanks again!


I’ve also been listening a lot to your ‘Not losing to the wind’ track and I’ve been really inspired by it & Komo rebit.

I’m yet to get my (next) Op-1. I’m a previous owner on 4 separate occasions. But some of your tracks & those by @SineRider have changed my musical direction. I’m finally ready to embrace the Op-1 for all it’s quirks, and possibilities. But that’s another, long, winding story and at this point i just wanted to let you know how much i’m enjoying & appreciating your Op-1 tracks.

And here’s the Reload track that makes me think of your melodies.

Thanks a lot for your message and support! It is indeed my feeling too, that the OP-1 enables me to have a more spontaneous and “felt” approach to song-making. The lack of a MIDI editor forces me to actually play the instrument rather than program it and that leads to all kind of creative little accidents that I came to love.

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