big issue with parameter changes

I finally found myself working with more than one pattern at a time…and stumbled on a problem.
I was recording a synth lead over two patterns and afterwards I wanted to fine-tune the sound of the synth.

Coming from the pocket operators I want to be able to turn an encoder and have the sound changed in all the patterns that are in my chain.
But it only changes in the pattern that is playing at the moment.

This is a big problem, as I want my instruments to sound the same in all patterns, but I still want to be able to change parameters on the go.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

You can copy the parameter settings…

press and hold project and press shift twice to copy the currently active pattern settings. Keep holding project and press the destination pattern to paste the settings.

I’m not sure but i think this will copy all settings…

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Hold the track button then hold one of the white keys to save a preset and use it elsewhere.

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