Blast from the past – battles of yore

The first OP-1 battle is here:

Kudos to @mixrasta, who participated in Battle 66 too, and many more between!

I see that I’ve participated from Battle 4 onwards. :smile:

Some other forum regulars or semi-regulars in these first battles as well.

Here’s the soundcloud account link, which has most of the battles until about two years ago: - ohpeewon battles - | Free Listening on SoundCloud. I wonder who’s the account holder, don’t remember any more. @yoof maybe?

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Hey vekha! :slightly_smiling_face:
I think @dimi3 is one of the two? hosts. But maybe @yoof was taking over the last years as he is a moderator since a long time.

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Ohpeewon was the person who let the orginal forum die…

Yeah but I remember somebody else created the Soundcloud playlist account for the battles? Good to see you @dimi3, and thanks again for rescuing the forum back in the day. :smile:

Ah, you meant the soundcloud host. Dunno either who that was… @vehka
but I think (after thinking about it a bit longer and looking at the SC page) it must be yoof, cause he also wrote his name with those - stripes - :space_invader: