Blast of noise in Tape audio when dropped from Sampler

If I Lift one or more tracks and Drop them on to a Sampler Engine (Drum or Synth) and then Lift/Drop back to tape there is a section of what sounds like harsh dial-up modem noise at the start of sampled audio. If I Lift/Drop/Lift using the Synth Sampler the noise lasts for approximately one tape division, from the Drum Sampler it's longer, maybe 2 divisions.

Does anyone else experience this? I have read on here that noise can be heard at the start of Album recordings and the advice was to record a short section of silence at the start of both A and B sides.

Here's what I have tried so far:

Erase Tape
Factory Reset
Record silence at start of side A/B

Many thanks,

There is a feature where lifting with a synth selected and dropping it to tape will store the raw synth data on the tape, so that you can lift it again and drop it back into a synth engine. I guess the idea is to either let you save synth settings in place so you can come back to them later.

It didn’t work the last time I tried it, and I don’t think I have ever had it work with the sampler before (iirc I would always just get the sample itself) but trying it now, the feature seems to be working. It messed up the levels, but it did transfer all the settings when I dropped it back into sampler. Unless TE tweaks the feature somehow (like shift+lift to get just the sample from the engine) you may have to use record to bounce it.

Thanks for the info @anomalous
That does fit with what I hear and I suspect the reason for the different lengths of noise is down to the drum sampler needing more info to recreate the patch with there being 12 seconds available.

I have found that I can trim the audio anyway so all is good. Now,… time to start putting it all in to practice.

I had that yesterday too when I was trying it for the first time, very loud!

Sure is, nearly knocked me off my seat coming through my hd25s!

I did this once by accident and was completely lost as to what had happened o.O

Thought I’d found a bug lol

kinda off topic, but i like that voice that comes in and goes “OP1 PATCH”

^^ I used to have that on my SoundCloud >.>

TE should totally make a Synth Engine in that vein someday.

To me, it totally sounds like what i remember the amiga 500 voice emulator to sound like.

Hmm. Cant test this as i’m on ios right now, but I’ll just leave this here…