BLE midi and app at the same time?

Just bought a used OP-Z, hasn’t arrived yet. Have been reading up a lot.

Anyway my main question is can OP-Z pass midi with a device over BLE (such as OP-1 Field, or Yamaha MD-BT01 midi interface) at the same time as connecting to the iOS app? I’m keen on the new Line module, line level stereo input, 2nd stereo output, and midi I/O, but im contemplating how much I really need it. I’d mostly use it for the midi I think, but the Yamaha may suffice.

According to my experience these are the limitations: The OP-Z can connect only to one device via BT at a time. But you can send/receive MIDI via BT and USB in parallel. A BT-connected iOS device can use the MIDI from the OP-Z in various apps, but I noticed that only the app that is currently used/maximized on screen actually processes the MIDI. I currently have this setup running: Korg Nanokontrol is connected to OP-Z via Kingston Nucleum USB hub. OP-Z is connected to iPad via BT. iPad runs AUM and OP-Z app for Photomatic. The Nanokontrol controls MIDI CC in the OP-Z and this is passed into the iPAD to control various parameters in AUM and in the OP-Z app (for Photomatic effects). It works fine but AUM will stop processing MIDI when minimized and Photomatic won’t output to projector when minimized. So I can’t use them at the same time unfortunately.


On an iPhone I can run the op-z app at the same time as midimittr app to connect to Korg nanokey studio and voice notes app to record audio just fine.

Interesting, so then maybe this is a limitation in AUM itself

I don’t use AUM so can’t speak to that. It wouldn’t surprise me that the op-z app can’t run photomatic unless it has focus.

You can have background tasks on apps which is how midimittr must be working.