Blocked screws

Hey everybody, I’ve bought an used op-1 with a not working keyboard with the intention of changing it, but the screws in the up left and up right are blocked, I’ve removed all the others but those won’t move, any tip on how to remove them? Maybe with wd40 or something like that? I’ve asked the past owner if he knows what happened but he said he has no idea

Is it not turning and the cross is stripped?

Try needle nose pliers.

If you are delicate, find a small metal rod the same size as the screw head lay a small amount of super glue/ loctite purple on the head of the screw. But like a 1/4 a drop… the stand a metal rod on the loctite. After it seems dry wait another hour. Then gently push down on the rod into the screw head and turn.

Do not use wd-40 unless you know the problem is rust.

Is super glue/locktite scares you. You can take and xacto blade and create a channel on the screw head to maybe use a flat head.

Under normal conditions, people drill out the screw head. There is also a special tool be it is not designed for such micro screws.

Good luck!

Vampliers. Used these to take a stripped screw off a Macbook motherboard once.

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