Blok Modular Stands to simplify your setup

Blok is a line of modular stands for synthesizers. What these stands aim to do is offer comfort, ergonomics and flexibility to your set up, whether for the studio or to perform live. Both lines have stops provided with silicone bumpers that prevent scratches on the devices and have Velcro strips and polyamide screws to fix your OP-1 original, OP-1 Field, OP-Z or another devices.

There are two product lines: Soft line and Compact Line. The Soft line is dedicated to accommodating Teenage Engineering products, which includes an upholstery and module for the OP-Z. The compact line is more flexible and allows the adaptation of other devices such as pedals, tablets, laptops and other synthesizers such as the AKAI MPC or the Elektron Sintakt. The Soft line and the Compact line are fully compatible with each other.

If you are interested in modules separately and then joining them for your own configuration.

If you are interested in SOFT line module

If you are interested in COMPACT line module

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