BLOKDUST - Design&Code meets Modular Synth

Have to spread this thing around.

Someone from a design forum I frequent built this on weekends with a friend for the past couple of years.
It’s pretty damn epic! Follow the tutorial to find out how to use this then go off on one and create your own blok synths!

It’s like design meets code meets synthesis.

I saw this a few days ago but haven’t had much of a chance to give it a proper go but the little time I spent on it were a lot of fun. I’ll certainly dive into this some more as its really interesting and pretty relaxing to look at it doing its thing.

Yeah saw someone post this on Had a quick go. Very cool. My phone felt like it was gonna catch fire after 5 minutes tho and pops/crackles. I’m on Android. Maybe it’s smoother on ios?

Edit - the sampling options looked interesting, especially for mobile. Soundcloud sampling etc. Would love to see an app that allowed YouTube sampling but guessing not possible due to it not playing in background etc?

That’s awesome ! Thank you very much for the share !

eh, looks mildly interesting. But the interface is a pain for me.

like the module “drawers” closing every time you grab a module. Or the clunky context menus for changing pitch and such.
Too much effort even to just get a single module beeping.

i stopped after a couple minutes after it crashed on me.