Bluetooth going silent but still playing

I got my OB-4 yesterday and am dealing with some really annoying Bluetooth issues.

I have no problems connecting or staying connected to the OB-4 from my phone over Bluetooth and music plays just fine when turning on YouTube or YouTube Music, but sometimes when I switch tracks or when the song is over and it goes to the next track the OB-4 goes silent but my phone shows me that I am connected still and the track is playing. The only way to remedy it is to turn YouTube off and back on or go into the ortho app and hit play. I have to do that about every few songs which makes me dread using this thing as I intended, a quality BT speaker.

I use my phone Bluetooth with many other speakers (iLoud micros, Bose S1, JBL Clip, Bose in ears) and have never had this issue with any other.

I haven’t read about this issue with anyone else. Hopefully someone here could help me out.

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Is there another Bluetooth thing on nearby?
Sometimes it switches to other active Bluetooth things (over here it usually is my iPad)
So I turn other Bluetooth connections off . When using the ob-4.

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Nope. Nothing else is connected to the OB. When it goes silent, it will show that the OB4 is connected and playing.

Something new I realized, If I hit the play button on the ob4 to stop the song when it’s silent and hit play again the audio returns on playback. This is super annoying.

Firmware updated? Do you use the orthoplay. App?

Downloaded the app, updated both the ob and my phone. None of that helped. The ob going silent on next track may mostly be related to using YouTube. Someone on Reddit replied that they’ve been having the same issue since the last update. I tried using Amazon music and had no issues, but I prefer using YouTube for music and it goes silent every few songs. Sometimes every other song.

if it happens only with youtube than it is youtubes error. maybe, an advert trying to load and than something in youtube app prevents it to go further.
do you have chromecast or something similar, or youtube premium ?

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YouTube premium. The weird thing is it doesn’t do it with any other Bluetooth speakers or headphones that I’ve used.

so adds are not the issue. yes, that is strange :thinking: :man_shrugging:

this is a known issue that will be fixed in the next update.

sorry for the trouble.

thanks, jacob


please try with the latest firmware (released earlier today)!

thanks, jacob


Thanks @jacobs !!

Did that update solve your issue?