Bluetooth issues

Hi! I got some connection issues with my new OB-4. At first it seemed to work just fine, but I have some issues maintaining BT connection. First of, the led light won’t turn blue when I connect, as in the guide. Instead it turnes white, but my Samsung note 9 is connected and I can play music fine. But when I go for a drive it starts disconnecting after 30 secounds. My other bt speakers never has this problem. Any suggestions?

strange. for starters just make sure you have the latest firmware and your car isn’t stealing bluetooth priority from your phone. my car does this (prob by design?) and i had to remove it from my bt list in order not to steal connection from any other device

also AFAIK white is the desired color. blue whilst connecting and blinking while establishing and then white when connected

also keep in mind ther are 2 entirely independent bt protocols at once: bt low energy for controlling knobs and regular bt for transmission of audio

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Even though your OB-4 shows white instead of blue, it’s hooked up to your Note 9. Weirdly, it cuts out when you’re on the move, right? Hmm, maybe try checking for any interference nearby or updating the OB-4’s software. Could help sort things out!

Thanks for your replies! My car is to old for BT so thats not it. But I think I have figured it out. It’s the Swedish winter… The problem seems to start when I have left it in the car, but it works fine when I leave home. Read the guide and Operational temprature is 10*C.