Bluetooth transmitter recommendation?

Hi guys,
I’m expecting a Bluetooth transmitter to arrive today. Was thinking of using it to play the op-1 on a Bluetooth speaker (no cables!)
However reading reviews post buy, I realised people complain about latency when watching videos so I guess I’ll return it.
Anyone uses any Bluetooth transmitter with little to no latency?

all bluetooth has latency i thought?

Just tried it and there is an unbearable delay which makes live performance impossible. So close though.

i had a wireless thing a couple years ago. it was like 2.4ghz wireless or something. not BT.
i didn’t actually end up using it as much as i thought but there was absolutely no latency that i could perceive.

What is the name, and price please?

it was a couple years ago and i think it was quickly discontinued. let me see if i can find it…

fiio w1

2 ideas to try :

  • wireless system for guitar (no latency I think)
  • Audio FM transmitter like the one you can use in an old car to broadcast to an empty FM station

Thanks guys, I’ll check that out.

I’m considering this product but it’s not released yet.

Nice one! They did show up on my instagram feed, thanks for posting this