Bluetooth with android App pairing difficulties, questions


I am new to OP-Z and wanted to get your opinion on the Bluetooth connectivity with the android app.

in my case (android 8.1.0 on Blackberry Keyone), establishing the connection is a little bit difficult, but maybe I am not doing the correct actions.

Here is what happens:

  • lets start with my OP-Z already paired/connected and visible from the App, all is fine.
  • Switch the OP-Z off, OP-Z disappear from the App, good.
  • Switch OP-Z on, short press on the connect button, led go green, then off. nothing appends in the App. try several time, same result.
  • Longer press on the connect button, or various press, nothing in the App
  • What seems to work is a longer press on the connect button, at some point the led goes red (maybe erasing the pairing?), then off. Then I press until the led goes blue for a very short time and I release the connect button, and at this point sometime the App see the OP-Z

Not easy…

I know the android App is not final.

Can you tell me what appends to you?
I was expecting that an OP-Z known/paired with the android app (and/or phone) would be reconnecting automatically, or with just a short press of the connect button.

Many thanks


Long live the physical keyboard and headphone jack.

Have you tried making sure they are paired in the android settings before opening the app? I have a newer android and have no problems, but I was using an old hand-me-down iphone 6 for the app before the android version was available and that older device did similar things to what you describe. I suspect it’s just the older Bluetooth chip or how the OS manages it.

The iOS app has the same difficulty :wink:

I recently updated my Note 9s software and had an app update as well. Now my opz will not connect via Bluetooth. Previously it did however. I’ve been connecting via USB cable with a USB C adapter. Works perfect! Hoping it’s the software and not my opz…