BOGO on Videopaks!

Since everyone’s in lockdown, thought I’d do a discount at Synthpaks on videopaks. So, if you buy either of the Artist Paks, you can get one of our OG paks free. BOGO! Use the code: COVIDEO19 (Offer ends at 11:30pm on Sunday.) Tag me on instagram if you post a video @bradthedesigner


I just found out this, but I’m afraid it’s too late :pleading_face:

Sorry about that. We’ll do another promo soon. FYI, just put two more public domain packs up this weekend.


Any chance of a bundled option, I can’t decide on which to get and since having the worst luck loading the labs let alone following the GIF Template, I’m worried I won’t even be able to use them!

We’ve been talking about some type of bundle. I’ll let you know. If our are loaded correctly, they’ve been working fine as far as we can tell. In the event that they don’t work, I can very easily refund your money.

Which is your best seller?!

Zoopraxiscope and Spectral Corruption are neck and neck right now.