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I recently uploaded some of my favorite kits, two of which utilize the unlocked ‘FILTER’ effect.
Might be useful to some of yous guys.

Unlocked filter ?

Unlocked filter?


There's a straight-ahead filter effect in the current OS that's only accessible from a patch that has it. It's one of those things... Once you have such a patch loaded, you can replace the synth engine with whatever you want, though.

It’s the Filter that TE left in the firmware but didn’t include in the menu…basic filter with drive and resonance controls, I prefer it to PUNCH or NITRO for giving drums more gusto.

It was mentioned in the Custom Firmware thread sometime last year. There’s also a hidden synth engine called ‘ITER’ which sounds kind of similar to Voltage (or Slump from the last beta OS). There are some links to a couple of presets floating around that thread still.

EDIT: What @mrbernard said :wink:

Oh, so you just need a patch to “unlock” it? Awesome, never realised that! Thanks, @3sleeves!

I can’t wait to try that !

Yes, once you load up a patch that already has the filter utilised as the effect, you can then shift+1 and change the synth engine. That said, you cannot then chose the filter from another “regular” synth patch, only from teh saved patch that as the filter on it already. I keep an “iter+filter” patch saved in my snapshots folder for this reason.

To unlock the filter properly as an effect (and therefore using it as a master effect as well) you need to go through the whole firmware change thing, which I’m not brave enough to do…

TBH I don’t actually tend to use the filter that much, the stepping is really obvious which I would guess is why it was not implemented, and the actual drive section doesn’t do a stack. Iter, on the other hand, is a really cool quirky, semi-FM sounding synth engine that I reckon is awesome - I like it better than Voltage :slight_smile:

Is there a post of the ‘Iter-Filter’ patch? I can see how that would be an awesome utility.

Yes, there is! I couldn’t attach it here which was weird, but here’s a dropbox link:

From memory, I think you have to transfer it into the Synths folder when your OP is in USB mode? Can’t quite remember. Let me know how it goes.

Also, here’s the drum patch as well, so you can use the filter on drums:

Remember the only way to use the filter on other synths/drums is to load up the initial patch, then shift+1 to change the engine - this means you can’t cycle through presets as they will get rid of the filter

patching the firmware and repacking it so its in the menu wasn’t really that big of a deal tbh. and i was nervous before too.

the instructions/utilities found in the custom firmware thread made it pretty simple

Wow I had no idea this filter was a thing. Thank you! I only had a quick go at it but I’ve always wanted a more traditional-ish multimode filter like this I the OP1. Wonderful.

Also if anyone doesn’t know, shift and the white encoder will allow you to gradually shift between poles and filter modes.
So happy about this, thanks :slight_smile:

I was messing with these patches this morning. Really simple and fun. Thanks!

Thanks @millbasrard @3sleeves @mrbernard and generally everyone else involved.
The gift that keeps givin (this site as much as our synth).