Bottom Rubber Feet Replacement

Hey there,

Bought an OP-1 in great Condition for 650€ today but two of the Bottom Rubber Feet are missing. Any idea if it‘s possible to get them somewhere maybe directly from TE?

Your best options are probably:

  1. Email TE and ask if you can buy the feet from them.
  2. Email iFixit and see if they have any feet coming with the new round of OP-1s that have been made
  3. Buy some small rubber feet and use them till you can get replacements from either of the other two sources.
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I have seen clear rubber feet packages that, if not exactly, are very close to the TE ones, at Home Depot.

Yes, i’m using smaller ones from IKEA for the moment but as i am a little bit of a perfectionist i need to have them replaced with originals in the long run:)

To that I say, good luck! I totally understand the perfectionist thing - although seriously… they are only rubber feet and there isn’t anything special about them, plus the fact that nobody would ever see them unless they were examining it thoroughly, and even then only YOU would know they weren’t original if you replaced them with ones that were at least the right size. But I did get a laugh out of your post! :wink:

Come on, the fact that only I know doesn’t chance a thing when you take account the fact that it is MY

But matter of fact it is not as important as other things in life. You’re right.

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