Bounce - A useless function?

I don’t really see the point of bounce, I’d rather have those 5x 10 seconds of memory for more samples, or at least the option to have bounce OR more samples.

Anyone agree/disagree?


Yeah, it’s not even enough to get a good seamless loop if you need to do two passes for a lead in.

If it resampled into a sample slot it might actually be useful.


i always thought bounce is like an audio preview of your project. when you have many projects backed up on your computer, its handy to have some kind of audio preview before you use decide to use them again.


This was what I always thought it was for as well.

@FunkyJunky seems strange that there are only 5 bounces yet 10 projects, so not even 1 bounce per project.


Never thought about that, nice idea an actually useful.

I always thought that it was something they were planning on doing something with later… Like to use it for resampling or something… I never have had much interest either.