Bouncing to album and back

Has anyone got any tips for bouncing to the album, without having to press multiple buttons at the same time? I never get it quite in time. I don’t know why the album dosn’t sync like the squencers - it would open up a whole world of possibiliteis.

i think b/c album is more intended as a final place to record your finished tape (or song) instead of using it as a launchpad to other things.

when i’m trying to resample // bounce audio i usually use EAR and bounce to a different tape track or to the samplers instead as its much easier to keep things in time if my intention is to bring it all back to the tape and keep everything synced up.

album is actually prolly my least used feature. i often forget its even there

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Here’s a better way to bounce: mute a track and record other stuff onto it with Ear
Details here: Tape Track Bouncing Megathread!