Bouncing tracks together

Hello, i´m new in this forum. Please excuse my bad english. I´m not so familiar with it.

I have a question about bouncing my tracks together via the synthesizer in sampler-mode.
1.- First i lift all 4 tracks by pressing “shift”+"lift"
2.- Then i open a synthesizer in sampler-mode and press the “drop” button to insert the tracks into the sampler.
3.- I press the “lift” button in sampler-mode, to load the sample-content back again into memory.
4.- i switch back to tape-mode, go to an empty part, press the “drop” button to put the bounced content from the memory back to tape.
No appears my problem: When i listen to the new insertet part of the tape, there is a kind of “digital noise” at the beginning of it. I think its a kind of “synth-configuration-data”, heared as an “audio-noise”.
Now the question: Is there a way to lift the audio-contend of the sampler without this “data-noise”?
I hope someone can help me…

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maybe i think u would resample your 4 tracks to get one?

min: 3:27

You could cut the digital noise off once you have dropped back to tape. I have only done it a couple of times but I could just jump 1 or 2 tape divisions forward and use Split.

Hope this helps ;-)

EDIT Didn’t really make sense what I wrote : ).

If you do it that way, you will need to either chop off the first bit (shift+blue will allow you to slide the part you pasted back and fort on the tape) OR you can play it back and record the playback to tape. It might be worth using the drum sampler with the sample set to oneshot.

Hi all, I’m a brand-new user and was just about to submit exactly the same post as this. I was actually a bit concerned I had a faulty unit, as I assumed you’d be able to lift & drop audio back and forth between sampler & tape.

So going by the replies so far to this post, is it fair to say all OP1’s produce this behaviour when lifting and dropping from sampler to tape (as opposed to recording in realtime)? It would be a relief to know I don’t have a faulty unit and I’m sure the OP would feel the same!

Maybe a candidate to fix in the next OS update…

Thanks All

I think I know what’s going on: when you “lift” from a synth and “drop” to tape, it stores the synth parameters as sound (which you can then lift and drop back into a synth to load it). This is a weird quirky function that I’ve never used, but I think that’s what’s happening here: since the data describing a sampler patch is the regular synth parameter values, plus some audio data, when you drop from the synth sampler it first records the parameters (as audio - weird computer sounds) then the sample data.

So, sadly, this is an intended behaviour AFAICT, and to bounce back and forth you’ll need to use Record to go from sampler to tape, rather than lift+drop.