Brand New OP-1 charging "problem"?

Hello everyone!

I’m new on board. SO I just received my op-1 from TE on this Monday. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

So I did not check the battery level and charge right away after I got it. Yesterday the battery ran out fully, so I started charging it for the very first time.

I plugged the USB cable with a charger (not iPhone or iPad), after I did this the device turned on, and I turned it off to let the screen rest. Then I DIDNT SEE THE LED DOING ANYTHING AT ALL. So I was wondering if it was really charging, and I turned it back on and LED was not flashing until I pressed the help button. I probably turned it off and on back and forth for a couple of times, then I just left it on while charging.

This morning when I checked the battery level (after it has been charging for over 11 hours) by pressing the help button, I find it is still flashing. So I am wondering do I ever know when It is gonna be fully charged or did I do something wrong that could possibly confuse the indicator to keep flashing? And I removed the USB, checked battery level, it was five bars full. So I guess it was full it’s just the indicator kept flashing?

SO this is what happened just now, I thought I’d try connecting it with a laptop. As other posts mentioned, when it is turned on, nothing different. But when it is off and charging, the indicator starting doing its thing to tell you it’s charging. And I left it off, about just now, it stopped. And I assume this is how it behaves when it’s fully charged with a laptop??

Is it all normal about my op-1??

I know this question is kind of redundant to many others, but I didn’t really read about anything of its keep flashing??
I’m a bit paranoid here after reading all those op-1 crash stories I guess, plz forgive me!

Thank you all!

As far as I know, that’s normal behavior. It always flashes when charging - even when fully charged.

Mine does stop flashing once charged, but many people have reported such issues with the charging LEDs, so it may depend on something that we do not understand. You may try a factory reset or letting it drain the battery completely, but probably the best is to just forget about it.

I’ve owned 3 OP-1s at various different times. ALL had the same issue. That in itself is nothing for you to worry about.

Thank you guys for all the helpful input! The battery is amazing and I have been using it for about two days after charging, it’s still five bars. I think I will just forget about it! Really not a big deal! Thanks again!

There is a procedure to calibrate the indicator. I can’t quite remember, but it’s possible just leaving it powered on while you charge it next time it dies.
There should be a thread on here named “battery indicator callibration” or very similar.

The first charge can take up to 15 hours from experience. Mine came in almost empty and took more then half a day to charge to full. 8 hours to reach 80%, another 7 hours for the last 20% most likely because it’s still calibrating.

If you charge it next time make sure to leave it on the charger for almost a day, it will calibrate