Brand New OP-1 displaying stale gray screen

So I’ve just bought a brand new OP-1. It was maybe 2/4s charged when I opened it, so I charged it fully. I turned it on to see a stale gray screen slowly appear. Everything works 100%

I could honestly do just about anything not to complicated on it. Playing sounds, recording, sampling, etc. But it’d be nice if the display could work! Does anyone know a solution for this. I think I’ve factory reset it twice. But remember I have no visibility of the display screen. Thoughts?

Oh no! I’m new here and can’t help with your specific problem, but do have a suggestion. It would be wise to start with an e-mail to Teenage Engineering’ support right away. Depending on your time zone, it can be frustrating. In California I would get responses from them at 3am and by the time I woke up they’d be leaving work. They did respond every work day, but only one message per day. Their address is:

Yes I did email them, and indeed the time zones are frustrating.

Same thing for me minus the grey screen, (mine is just black). When I turn it on and get the speaker “click”, the screen flashes for a quick moment then nothing. I can still run through the 8 programmed synth and drums but have no graphical clue where I’m at.

Taking my back today to return and get a new one. Hopefully this isn’t a trend for folks getting new OP-1s. I really like the concept and idea of the OP-1 but if this is going to be the trouble of owning one, I’ll take my $900 somewhere else.

I had a weird feeling when I ordered mine while they were still on back order that there might be issues due to rushing to get them out to vendors.

I don’t know when mine was manufactured but I purchased from a store in Austin, TX (Switched On Austin) in December. It works perfectly (knock on wood). I hope you can get your issues resolved. TE is a great company that really does care about us, we are all part of the TE cult that many in this world aren’t even aware of, they’d like to make sure we stay addicted to their excellent gear! :slight_smile: Good Luck!