Brand New OP-1 Field does not charge - Red LEDs

Got a new OP-1 Field from Guitar Center. I’m currently traveling and I ‘believe’ I have charged it before the flight. Or maybe it’s just the charge that came with it and I though it was charging.
The fact is that after I got here, after the first time battery drained, it has never charged again.
Did all the magic tricks I could find on the internet.
Tried TE support. They answered me in a day the first time.

Quote: “ we are sorry to hear about the problem with your OP-1 field not charging.

before it died, did you at any point use any of the outputs successfully? if you used the usb port that would be ideal but even the output or input would give us an idea of whether the connector board is working.

the next thing to try would be a different usb cable. it might be that the cable it came with isn’t working so it would be good to test another cable to make sure.”

After that, it’s been a week and they didn’t answer it nor other 3 attempts for me. Still waiting.

I surely used a headphone when I was still enjoying my expensive new toy, and maybe charged it before - but not sure.

Anyone had anything similar to that?

Thank you!

I’d say, based on the infos provided, that your unit is somewhat faulty. It should qualify for a RMA. Not ideal, but a faulty battery/board should be addressed quickly.

TE support is responsive in case of exchanges. And documenting issues with a video goes a long way. Really helps fast tracking TE support.

In any case, not an expected behavior. I’d try troubleshooting the heck out of this (different cables and outlets, firmware updates, etc) while asking for an exchange.

Keep us posted, this could help others down the road

Any idea on how to update firmware on this situation?
I left it a few days without charging to check if at least the red LEDs would turn off, but there always energy to light them up when turning it on.

I’d try the usual way.
And if that’s not possible - ie. if it doesn’t wake up anymore at all - then it’s back to TE!