Brand New OP-1 .. flaky key

Hello all, I just purchased a new OP-1 and have seemingly run into a problem with the hardware. One of the white playing keys will double fire, as if the switch had no de-bouncing circuit. I do love the device but for the price I would have hoped for better QA control, although I do understand of course you cannot always make it perfect.

I will say I did update to the latest firmware immediately, and the device seems otherwise perfect except for the wobbly volume knob (my understanding is this is not an issue). I should point out the double firing is intermittent, but once I start playing a bit it starts to be much more frequent to the point I can reproduce it 80% or more.

Does anyone have any experience with this same problem? I have contacted TE and the seller but I am hoping there is some simple fix so I do not have to wait for repairs etc.


Matt Sweeney
Saint Paul, USA

PS: The unit was sealed in the box, as expected. So it doesn’t look used as far as I can tell.

Wait for their answer. Some people have successfully remove keys and cleaned with dry air cleaner (I think the one used for computer keyboard but I’m not sure). Sometimes I shake my op-1 head down to “clean” dust or I don’t know what my imagination think it’s responsible for double trigger.
Sorry you had to start your op1 journey with problems. It s a great device.

Hey thanks for the comment TiboDzi, TE did respond and suggested popping the key off to clean under it, but I had already packed up the unit for shipping/refund by then.

Soon after I noticed a bunch of new stock elsewhere for much cheaper, and jumped on one of those and got the last one.

I was surprised to find the new unit in slightly different packing, in a sealed box and shrink wrap, and apparently running the 220 firmware vs. 218 on the old one.

It is interesting to note that the seller also claims these as ‘Manufactured in Sweden’ and a white sticker has been placed over the ‘Made in China’ text on the paper-foam package. The difference in this case was the listing also claimed “Imported from Japan”, and apparently that means I get a newer version.

Everything else appears identical, including the wobbly volume knob, once it is charged up I will start jamming and see how it goes.

My feelings on this device went from eagerly anticipated, to confused (once in hand), to disappointed.

Then after a cry I had a moment of sudden clarity, shortly after which my mind was completely blown.