Brand new OP-1 issue with key and speaker noise


By now I got the feeling they are just re-selling some returned OP-1s or smashed boxes they had in the warehouse for 1,400$ :smiley:
Has anybody actually looked in there to see, if it’s a new screen?



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lol whut???


:joy::joy::joy: if you want to gain some sympathy points from your customers who bought a 1400€ op-1, just but the office full of sportscars and tell people the screens just got 500€ more expensive :joy::joy::joy: brilliant move

  1. Not 2019. :


If there was one doubt that these people are at least extremely iccompetent, well that small doubt has gone down the drain
Today, after 3 days of thecso called help videos , they desided to respond to some comments. It is obviously automated or the replies. are written from someone of an iq about 0.08
Comment: how to , how to…coudnt you have provided at least a power adaptor?? …cheap…very cheap…
Reply: you are right. We want it to be as low cost as possible without compromising quality…



They probably have 3 more now. True


Wouldn‘t call them incompetent. Engineering wise they are doing a real good job. The Problem i believe is more the marketing. It‘s a bit like apple. If you had a big hit which the op-1 obviously was, maybe you make strange decisions, like wild pricing, Guerilla marketing, don‘t focus on customers, because your design has already proven to be a hit and and and. Just like apple. The downside is, that design focussed brands not only live by good products but by their image. Apple has lost a lot of that in the last years and they selling less and less products while prices go up and up. It‘s absolutly clear, that the op-1 has paid of and of course could be way cheaper…


That is correct. But for succeeding the Apple way you need a Steve Jobs
. Apple was going down the drain and fast before Jobs took over in the late 90s. After he was gone things started to slowly fall apart again. I don’t see any Jobs type figure in TE


Cannot say that, it is after all a way smaller company than apple.
But after all, they try to sell an image. And total failure in this regard is the whole ikea story, which is arguably the crappiest store in the whole world​:smile::smile::smile: cant see how this will bring the brand TE any further. So plastiky turntables from the crap store vs 1400€ op-1 from the web store. Try to market that…


:). I hope so.


Jeez… well, obviously there are some strong opinions against TE support…

Update on the original topic: no one responded back to my support ticket, so I called their Sweden number and spoke to a person who recommended I try taking the keycap off and seeing if the issue persists by just hitting the rubber dome. I had tried and since the issue still occurred, he noted that it was most likely a factory defect and the whole keyboard would have to be replaced. Seems like they have dealt with the issue before.

He then responded to my ticket with an RMA link. When I asked for the process, he said I should just fill out the link and they would get back to me with next steps.

I just filled it out and hoping for a quick turnaround.


At least with IKEA you can go the next day and get your money back!!..Now as to who , who is able to buy vinyl, will go to IKEA to get a …turntable …beats me…


the car looks allot like the one in the OP-Z unity scene. Maybe it was rented for artistic inspiration.


They have 3 cars. one Lamborghini and 2 Ferraris…the picture is from 2016 so i doubt it


The bosses just got tired of parking their cars outside. :smirk:


another update: I didn’t receive anything back after filling out the RMA (like an automated msg or something) so I called back again today. I have to say their phone support is great and someone always picks up and is friendly.

The person on the phone said they only check and respond to RMAs once a week, and just haven’t gotten to them yet. Also, I asked about the timeline on RMA’s for the OP-1 and she said between 1-3 weeks depending on the case. I’m considering just buying another one and getting a refund for this one so I don’t have to wait another month…


…its not as easy as you think…TE will not make any refund unless they check the machine etc etc…wich could take…as long as they want…they check emaiks whenever they want, they pick up returnee stuff whenever they want. In europe this is illegal and you would have gotten your money back or a new item within 14 days max. The op1 is LISTED IN STOCK. They could send you one tommorow if they wished. If they didnt refund or replace within this time you could sue them. The law is like that for a simple reason. In effect you have given TE 1.400 euros and they keep it as they please. Invest it, put in the bank or whatever. They have your money AND your machine. Its plain ilegall afrer 14 days