Brand new OP-1 issue with key and speaker noise


Hi all, I found this forum after posting on the OP1users subreddit.

Video of issue:

I have been watching videos on the OP-1 for a long time and have been really looking forward to owning this device. Unfortunately in addition to a smashed paper foam case due to the cardboard box it was shipped in having zero bubble wrap inside, one of the buttons seems to be defective and the speaker seems to have some issues as well.

I also sent a support ticket to TE. Does anyone have any experience with how long it takes to get a replacement? For $1,400, I really was disappointed at the quality control and shipping… but looking forward to having a working version.


Just as an antidote to all the bad news about the new wave of OP-1s, I got one this week and it’s fine. Everything works great.

It too came in the terribly-packed box, just the op1 box inside another thin card box.

I’m in Germany, though, and in my experience the various postal services here are great. The postpersons don’t leave boxes in the rain, nor toss them around. Maybe it’s the same in Sweden, and TE didn’t count on the terrible postal workers in the rest of the world.

Not an excuse — and why would I try to excuse someone else’s mistakes anyway? — but maybe a reason for it.


Hi. I think the way TE is shipping a 1400+shipping product is beyond unacceptable. I also think that it is important for people to KNOW that before they order it. Its the only way that perhaps TE will have a bit of respect for their costumers. I posted your problem in a forum. If youbdont feel ok with it let me know an i will remove it asap. I wish you luck and hope you have a working one very soon


Respect for their customers. :confused:


Yeah, jeez, had I known that the current wave was so bad I would have waited for some local retailers to get in stock (I’m in the US). Unfortunately seems like TE’s warehouses and support teams are overloaded as well. I had a automated response from my support ticket that said they were experiencing a significant increase in response time and would get to me as soon as possible.

At the end of the day, I still think the OP-1 is a great product, but It’s been out on the market for almost 8? Years… Given the level of detail the team spent on designing and building the product, and the price hike, it’s just surprising they ended up at this point to begin with.


You don’t have to buy it :slight_smile:


Its not by accident that over a month that is been re released, its still in stock on their store…but nowhere to be seen in any online store…you wont ever see it im afraid


Lol are you saying I don’t have to buy it because there’s a chance it will be defective?

I spent $1400 on it already and just wanted a working product…

Here’s the photos from the case damage as well.


My local Gear Dealer told me that there TE distributor told them that some gear like the PO-400 and the „new“ OP-1 is actualy online-exclusiv from TE at the moment.



Yes that is what i am saying. Just return it if you don’t like it. Like a modern consumer :slight_smile:


I’m not trying to return it, I just want a working replacement. From what I’ve read in the last batch there have been people waiting 4+ weeks without any response from the support team. Do you think that’s OK?


Who cares what i think about that. Just send it back and when they have the time they will send you a new one. Just try to be positive this is not gearslutzzzz.


I hear you dude, thanks for your viewpoint. Not much to do now but wait. But hopefully as more of the community realizes the problem, TE will dedicate more resources to fixing/preventing these issues


Yes let’s hope so .


Mine arrives tomorrow! Hopefully not in this condition…


Good luck with TE customer service. It seems pretty non-existent. My girlfriend bought me a PO-Arcade direct from TE for Cristmas, not realising I already had one. She contacted TE at the time to return the un-opened unit and still hasn’t had so much as a reply two amd a half months later.

For this very reason I chose to buy my OP-Z from Gear4music who packed it well. In fact I’ve never bought anything from TE directly, my POs coming from Cheap Monday and my OP-1 (extremely well packed) from Red Dog Music a few years ago before they got taken over.

Good luck!!!



I am curious how TE packs their products when shipping to retail stores??


My oplab direct from TE came packaged with an extra box around it and some carton stuffing and it arrived without a scratch. So it is not always like this horror story. But last year i received a Roland module from keymusic in a box that was trashed and it had no stuffing around a miracle it survived the trip . Shit happens.


By now I got the feeling they are just re-selling some returned OP-1s or smashed boxes they had in the warehouse for 1,400$ :smiley:
Has anybody actually looked in there to see, if it’s a new screen?