Brand new OP-1 misaligned top row

Received a new, sealed unit from Amazon today and the squarish enclosures of the knobs are rather misaligned. Is this acceptable?

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the white dial looks really tight to the top, is there any friction? If it turns smoothly I personally wouldn’t bother returning it.

No friction but the blue knob rotates slightly snappier. :roll_eyes:

That is the case one more units

Oh I wouldn’t bother! Same on my unit and it plays like a dream.

It’s same on mine too! Don’t worry about it, just start playing and you will love every minute you spend using it!

That’s within tolerances, in my experience.

Quick update: Meanwhile Amazon has sent me replacement unit which had marks of use all over the place. Returned it for another one and finally received a perfect OP. Not sure what’s going on but perhaps TE is selling refurb units? This was for with Amazon being the seller. No FBA stuff.

Do you have a photo of the marks?