Brand New OP-1 -- need charging?

sup all.

quick question as I can't find info on this anywhere -- have a brand new OP-1 arriving today. do I need to 'charge it fully' before initial use? (just want to make sure I give the battery the best start in life lol)


ok… so guess this infamous battery indicator wackiness does exist!

turned it on as soon as opend new box… pressed help… 4 dots.

turned if off… plugged USB into it to charge…blinking

its been 3hrs… still blinking… decided to see how much it’s done so unplugged, turned it on and pressed help – 1 dot!


Yeah, new OP here, similar battery (non) indication. Guess TE just never got round to figuring it out. Maybe an accurate onscreen indicator would be easier for them to implement and just forget about the LEDs?Dunno how this stuff works tho, maybe reading charge level is a general problem with this type of battery on any device that uses them? Good news is my battery lasts a good amount of time, regardless of what the LEDs say, so you should be fine :wink: