Brand new OP-1 not charging. Please help 😞

I received my OP-1 two days ago. Plugged it into the wall to charge over night, unplugged it and went to turn it on and it wouldn’t. It’ll turn on if it’s plugged in but the battery indicator lights don’t show any progression or blink.

I am super brand new to this and honestly I feel a little discouraged that I can’t even get it to charge right. I’ve tried to look through other various posts for a solution and haven’t had much luck.

Did you check if USB charging is enabled?

If yes, try to plug it into a computer USB port to see if it makes any difference.

I tried. Can you step by step me?


Have you tried this? If your unit still has enough battery to turn on, turn it on, hook it up to computer, press SHIFT + ALBUM, then choose T4 which is OPT (option) mode. Use blue knob to choose usb charging on or off. I would try charging it with both options (usb charging on-hooked up to computer/usb charging off-from an electrical outlet. When you say it’s not charging, what method were you using? Wall socket or computer?

You’re misinterpreting the manual @joeyfivecents. The reason for setting USB Charging to OFF is to avoid any potential interference with audio. I believe it defaults back to ON when the OP-1 is power cycled. And regarding this setting, charging by computer or wall outlet is irrelevamt - it just needs to be set to ON to charge at all. Hope this helps.


I tried both, and I tried to do both modes. No go.

So just leave it on and on the charger for a while? Should the battery indicator lights be moving up and down? Right now it’s on, and plugged into the computer, but there’s no battery lights.

Yes. Do a quick search of the forum and you will see posts from folk who have used various methods to kick-start a battery which is fully depleted.


I was just trying to see if there was a combination of things that might not be set right, irrelevant or not. Sometimes when these things get buggy, a new suggestion works with no explanation. That’s been my experience. Just trying to help.

What about this. It’s from another thread. I’ve been researching for you and there’s a lot of info out there

Why should you have to fuck about with a brand new product? It should work out of the box at any price!
Send it back, get another one.

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They tried to call me once and I still have their number. Call them. Here:
+46 73-443 07 64

Same here. I have no idea if it’s actually charging or not. I guess in 6 hours I’ll find out.