Brand new OP-1 questions

Hello Everyone:
After watching innumerable videos on YouTube for a year and convincing myself that I don’t need another piece of expensive gear, I finally gave in and ordered the OP-1 from TE website last week. It came in just an hour back. Following are my newbie questions; sorry if they have been answered already.

  1. Since I purchased it directly from TE, do I need to update the firmware; how do I basically check the firmware version installed in my unit?
  2. I plan to use an app like Looperverse on my iPad to connect my OP-1 and send sound to the iPad. I have a 2017 iPad Pro with the lightning connector. Do I need the Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter in order to do that?

Thanks in advance and I am so excited to be part of this TE user family!!!

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Console yourself with the knowledge that it is indeed dope as hell.

  1. I would assume that your unit would have already been packaged before firmware #243 came out. When you turn on the OP-1 the firmware number flashes on the screen under the TE logo.

  2. I believe an adapter is still necessary and a micro USB-lightning cable wouldn’t be supported by the iPad. My older non-USB3 adapter works. I recommend getting one with the USB port and the lighting port to send power so you can use a battery pack at the same time or connect controllers/interfaces to the iPad that won’t work on just the iPad power draw.