Brian Eno signed my OP-1!

Since we’re talking about meeting musicians…

I worked at a music store when I was a teenager and got to show Dimebag Darrel a bunch of FX pedals, and met Vinnie Paul at the mall Christmas shopping. Really cool people. And I got autographs from Crowbar when they played a show at a small club.

saw a guy walking through JFK with a guitar-case. While examining the case I realized it was Derek Trucks (possibly the greatest slide guitar player alive today.) I was too star struck to say anything so i just stood and starred in disbelief and then he was gone.

@piotr this is incredible, what a nice compliment coming from someone so creative :slight_smile:

My respect !

That’s awesome piotr!

Thanks guys! Yes: definitely a memorable moment for me.

Daniel Lanois said I had great songs but couldn’t sing. While Stevie Lange, who sang the body form song (!!!) said I had an amazing voice.
So never pay attention to criticism and always pay attention to compliments I guess.

Doesn’t beat bjork though :slight_smile: