Brian Eno signed my OP-1!

Hey so I met Brian Eno last week end and I got him to sign my OP1, it being the most portable and signable of my synths. Quite Proud! I thought I would share.

I struggled with attaching images and getting them the right way around obvs.

That’s fantastic :slight_smile:

Had he tried one before?

That is ace!

Did he comment about his opinion / use of the device?

That is super cool!
I have always been a huge Eno fan: love his generosity as artist speaking in depth and with great intelligence about process and ideas.

I also think that in this photo you guys look like a gay couple that just conceived an OP-1! :slight_smile:
I mean it in the most positive way.

epic! hope you showed him some of what it can do. I’m sure he’d love one!

wicked man! thnx 4 sharing!

That is such a wonderfully sweet photo of you both. I also wonder if he said anything about the OP-1. I would think he’d appreciate it at the least, as it is designed with deeply considered, self-imposed limitations, and I emember Eno speaklng before of his preference for limitations over unbounded power.

I would be shocked if Brian Eno didn’t have an OP-1. Weather he uses it or not know knows???

@carmobot Wow what a legendary signature… I’m jealous !!


I have already encountered a similar pb with pictures coming from an iPad, could be the same from an iPhone.
Getting them right in a real computer solved this.

Lots of Eno fans here which is great. Me too, obviously love the guy, especially the ambient work.

I was at his talk and I brought the OP1 in case I got an opportunity and luckily I did. He seemed to know of the OP1 but he didnt comment on it either way. We made a joke about our pic looking like an ad for teenage engineering. There was a lot of people getting photos and stuff signed. Would have loved to chat to him longer but didn’t want to impose (I was a bit awestruck too tbh!). Very nice generous guy, great and counterintuitive speaker and unparalleled musician/ producer; an inspiration to us all I imagine.
Cheers guys, I’m dead chuffed. :slight_smile:
Now if I can get Daft Punk, Jean Michel Jarre and Girgio Moroder to sign it, that would be awesome!

@Piotr: I’m totally gay for Brian anyway! Would love if it was mutual!

this show gets me every time! something other than eno’s ambient stuff! this is “roxy music” i wasnt alive when it was popular but it sure does rock! im glad i eventually found it.

@Piotr: I'm totally gay for Brian anyway! Would love if it was mutual!


(am so glad you didn’t take my comment the wrong way! just looks like love is in the air :slight_smile:

Very cool. I may have to link this to

I really liked High Life album Eno did with Hyde.
Not polished, yet really good in my ear.
(I was a bit awestruck too tbh!).

I was once in a elevator with Herbie Hancock and totally froze, couldn’t speak lol.

In 1999, I was asked if I could lend my amp to Franck Black, as he needed one.

3 hours later my guitar amp was signed by the singer of The Pixies once he played Caribou, Wave of Mutilation and Gouge Away on it.

“I owe you one”, he wrote. One day, I shall ask him to return the favor :wink:

I was once sitting at a table with Björk, who said she liked the sound in my work. For real! I also didn’t quite know what to say… :slight_smile:

… speaking of “brushes with greatness”.