Bristol BitMINERS - Open Session with Pocket Operators, Volcas (or any battery synths) with Minirigs

Hello All, we are getting together on the Thursday 4th Feb to play with battery powered machines in the upstairs of the Miners Arms pub in St Werburghs Bristol UK.

We will be using Minrigs and other battery powered speakers for sound, lots of Pocket Operators and Korg Volcas for the music, everyone is welcome to bring their own battery powered sound generators (except laptops please!). I personallly will be taking several machines so even if people dont have something themselves they can have a go :)

You can find the event on Facebook under BitMINERS or just come to the pub on the night. Entry of course is free but the landlord would like if you at least bought a pint ;)

I wish I still lived in Bristol ,if just for this (and all the other great culture/happenings).

Bristol is a great city for culture and media, I even think now its surpassing London as a place to be for music and arts as you cant physicially afford to live in London anymore.

The Bitminers thing has come about from impromtu sessions we have been having out back in the covered smoking area where a few of us with Volcas and POs just linked them together. I dont know of many other places where stuff like this just happens.

Sounds like a great idea, would love to see some video if you get a chance!

We are recording the room with a 2 channel digital recorder (battery powered of course) so will have sound, hopefully some punters with phones etc will take some vids

BUMP! This is tonight!

Looking forward to the results from this.

This sounds like it’ll be great… Looking forward to hearing some of the output! Have fun!

@markepitt did anyone record the jammage?