Broken - Boot screen not appearing - DSP spare part not available

My OP-1 wouldn’t go into boot screen any longer in 2016, and I wrote TE, and they basically said it was probably the DSP board. I find out online, this is a common problem, in other words a defect, but it is out of warranty. So I say, OK, I’ll buy the DSP board and do the 30 minute replacement myself, however, I cannot find spare parts. iFixit does not stock it, and TE doesn’t so I guess I am screwed! It’s a shame that such a successful product is not supported by TE. Maybe the EU’s warranty laws of 2 years, not 1 year, could be invoked for those within that time range, or a class action lawsuit against TE for a manufacturing defect they don’t support with parts or the ability to self-repair?

Can’t you send it for repair?

I would have to dig up their response in an old email for the exact numbers, but I would have to pay for shipping, the part and the labor. I had over $225 USD in my head for all of the above. If they would simply sell me the part, or make it available to others like iFixit, I would do it myself. Sorry, but paying such a premium for a device that is now showing has had many defects for a premium product, I feel ripped off. People talk about the jacks, speakers, DSP board, USB board all having issues as I have found out when searching for a solution my OP-1 problem. Meanwhile, my Novation X-Station from 2005 has velocity-sensitive keys and all sorts of fun little dials, joystick, sliders and touchpad, and it has not missed a beat.`

No, but I am looking into the Right-to-Repair policies of the EU re: Sweden. I should be able to reasonably obtain a motherboard to attempt to repair the issue at my discretion. iFixit has not had stock of the board forever. TE refers you to iFixit. Non-halting problem :wink:

And I have a MicroFreak arriving Saturday!