Broken Key

Hey all,

Has anyone stumbled across this problem? My high A# note stopped working a while back, so I messaged Teenage Engineering and they recommended replacing the keyboard and they provided the link. I did that and it worked for a little while before the exact same A# stopped working. I reset the machine and it started working again until today, now I am out an A# again. A little frustrating to have bought a new keyboard and still have the same issue. Just wondering if anyone has come across the same problem and may have a solution.

Many thanks.

someone on here replaced a key or two, they just took off the key and cleaned it. don’t take off the little nipple looking thing tho. i have two broken keys i’d like to fix.

what is the ifixit link if you don’t mind providieng it?

You can purchase a new keyboard here. Instructions on how to replace it are included.

Keyboard definitely wasn’t the problem for me since I replaced it and the same note still doesn’t work. Really irritating to have paid to replace it for no reason though.