Broken Linn 9000 samples for your OP-1 and Elektron machines

So the story so far: You may have seen in another thread that I was recently given a non-functioning Linn 9000 drum machine. After much effort and lots of cursing, we got the thing to boot up - for a while anyway. The sequencer worked, all of the pads and buttons - everything. Except that the sounds were glitchy and weird - nothing like drums! After a bit, it stopped fully booting, simply hanging on the boot screen. Still, it was a start, and a lot better than it was when it was given to me!

In any event, while it was semi-functioning, I decided to record the glitchy, broken sounds it was making. I tracked them through my trusty Chandler Limited/EMI Abbey Road REDD.47 mic pre and trimmed 'em up. After that, I made an OP-1 drum kit out of them. You can download it here:

You’ll find the OP-1 drum kit snapshot in the above folder. There is also a 48kHz sample chain, sample grid and single hits for you Digitakt/Rytm/Octatrack users. I tested the various formats in all four machines and they worked as expected.

Nice one, thanks! And good luck with servicing the 9000…

Thanks. It’s coming along surprisingly well. I had heard for years that it was horrific to work on these machines, but it’s really not too bad. Everything back then was through-hole and the boards are all single-sided. Plus the components are off-the-shelf (albeit a shelf stocked in 1984!).

I’ve just re-uploaded the zipped file with a new OP-1 version of the kit. I had made a sort of pitched sound out of one of the samples to play melodically with the top six notes of the OP-1, and realized that it may have been tuned too low for the notes used. There is now a version with pitched notes that match the actual note values on the keyboard.