Anything music or gear related worth seeing in Budapest?

Good music/DJ/gear or synth shops? Vinyl shops?

There is a AnalogueZone -

I haven’t been to it, but I know there are members here who live in Budapest. It looks like a cool place. Tried to go while I was traveling there recently, but they were sadly closed all 3 times I tried going. Maybe do a better job than me and actually look at their hours before trying to go :slight_smile:

I haven’t a clue. I am in BP currently, but I tend to only leave the flat for booze and csiga and leaving the country. There’s a great pinball museum!

i tried analogue zone when i was there too, but was closed as well. looked like a really nice store though.

and the pinball museum is absolutely amazing! definitely go there.

Oh, I know where that is! I’ll go take a look next time I’m on the pest side.

Synths and studio gear galore @ … lots of stuff on display, feel free to try, ask questions, whatnot…

We are staying near analogue zone - looks pretty cool but don’t know if it will be open when we are free :frowning:
Looks like they only open certain days and certain hours.

And thanks guys for the responses!!!