bug or feature? Midi LFO does not change graphics?

I have finally gotten around to sending midi messenges from my octatrack to the OP1.
It seems to recieve midi the midi LFO just fine (the small dots move).
Thing is, when i have lfo action going into the parameters on the OP1 midi lfo the graphics do not change on the synth engine.
The sound wobbels and changes just fine, so it seems to me to be an issue (or feature) of the midi LFO… but i was wondering, is this behaviour normal on your op1’s
(i am currently running the latest os and i use a Iconnect midi 4+ with the Octatrack sending clock)

hopefully a bug and hopefully it gets sorted within a new OS for the OP-1 when the OP-Z ships…to show the values controlled by OP-Z…