Built-in mic fried?

I’ve been a lurker/sometime contributor here a long time. Forgive me for asking a question I’m sure has been answered times over, but a cursory search brought me to a dead end. Somewhat surprisingly, I’m stumped.

Question: How do I know if my built-in mic has died?

The reason I ask is, I’m trying to record a vocal sample into a synth engine patch spot with the ‘mic’, have got the gain and threshold set above minimum, and cannot get a recording. The noise floor seems significant as well. In fact, after recording, all I can produce on the keyboard is low-volume pitched noise.

Recording a sample line-in works without trouble.

Thanks for any help.

It may be the input connector that is causing this, i.e., it is wrongly telling the OP-1 that a plug is inserted. You may try inserting and removing a plug a few times, it may fix it, but the only sure way would be top replace the connector board.

The plug icon is not shown on-screen…what’s shown is the mic icon, to be clear.

Thanks Punji - I’ll give it a ride.

If not, I’ll write TE.

Ended up being a bad connector board.

After a back n forth with TE, they (very quickly) sent me over a new one.

Back in business!