Built-in Microphone Defective?

Just a quick question from a new op-1 owner. My built-in microphone has a distinct high pitched whine and noise when I use 10 db or 0 db settings. The pitch of the whine even changes if i tap the op1 or shake it a little bit, but the accelerometer/effects are not on.

Is this normal operation? If I use the 20 db setting, there is no high-pitched whine. I don’t want to exchange it if this is normal.

I did a factory reset already.

Thanks for the insight!

Here's a sample of the sound that's haunting my op-1. The 10 db setting with all the noise is after the first click, (also, I shake the op1 and the pitch changes), and then the 20 db setting is after the second click (just normal white noise from the mic, no digital craziness.

This happens regardless of whether the op1 is connected via USB or not. Thanks for letting me know if this happens on your op1 or if this is weird.


My OP-1 does this as well, but the noises exist on the 20db setting as well - even louder! With the mic on, I can hear all sorts of digital chirping in response to the devices other functions (e.g. a whir when I lift a section of tape or load a new patch, etc.). I pretty much renders the mic useless for finished products. I think the solution is just to get a cheap external mic.

Hey pals - Just resurrecting this topic cause the only way I can record vocals is by lining in a mic… The built in mic is ok for really super loud sounds, but otherwise the noise floor is too high. I’ve had two OP-1s and both have had this issue. Anyone else found they’re able to record something like vocals to tape with the built in mic? I know that recording to drum sampler removes some of the digital cross-talk noises, but I actually wanna record to tape like an actual tape ya know :slight_smile:

Seems I’m just gonna carry around my old micro-cassette recorder which you can throughput the mic of… I like it better than my zoom h1 haha. Anyone have any luck with super compact FX units? Something I could put in a small kit with OP-1, micro-cassette for mic and a lil FX boy. That’d be nice. Oh just realised I could use my OP-Z mic with it’s built in verb and delay etc! Ok… Nice. Can’t believe I haven’t done this yet :man_shrugging: