Built-in sounds for house/deep house?

Hello all,

Just got my OP-1 and am loving every second of it. I just started learning to make music and am wondering if many of you only record samples and use that or are you able to do most everything with the built-in sounds? I’m hoping that I can get away with the built-in sounds for learning deep house but haven’t been able to tinker or tweak the built-in stuff to my liking. Do any of you have tips for using the built-in sounds for deep house?


I’m not much of a house guy (dunno what deep house is) but look up djthomaswhite on youtube for tuts.


Guy does some great tutoriAls and, as far as I’m aware, is a performing house dj/musician.


Thanks for this resource! Looks like he uses the built-in sound engine. However, I also just realized how easy it is to transfer samples via USB so will be using that quite often.


learn the shapes for all your major and minor 7th chords. download a couple of 909 kits for drums.

If I was going to pick synth engines for deep house, I’d use FM and Cluster.


This looks like a killer piece of kit for the OP-1 and anyone interested in making jazzy deep house…Chords, scales, memory, step seq…damn

Its now on indiegogo. $249 i believe.