Built my Shruthi yesterday!

I built my Shruthi yesterday; that was a really fun project!!!

Filter Board- finishing it was the first step…

Really lovely looking board, great job! Always been curious about the Shruthi sound.

Looks sweet, what does it do?

It’s a hardware synth, with a digital signal generator and analogue filter. From the demos, it makes some really nice sounds. I’m out right now buying a Midi cable, so I’ll tell you all later how it sounds!

shruthis are one of a kind ,i got the shruthi 4 POLE (60 possible filter x resonance x type of resonance configuration meaning huge quality pallette and potentials ) if you appreciate FM (THE SOUND OF IT ) its a machine to love ,now i really need to find myself a POLYVOKS and a Digital FILTER SHRUTHI as i keep driving on my 4Pole output through its input for feedbacking… well you know why

Very nice! I have the midnight edition myself, you’ll enjoy it

I’m in love with it already!!!

nice man! was it a hard build? i just scooped a shruthi w/ the dual SVF filter board. but haven’t had a chance to mess w/ it cuz i’ve been super sick :frowning:

@docshermsticks It was a super easy build. I mean, as far as soldered kits go, this is probably the easiest I’ve ever seen because of the documentation, website, organization of the kit parts and instructions. Basically, all I had to do was solder the components. I never had one of those ‘oh crap, I hope I’m doing it right moments.’ The only thing I’m not so crazy about is how the acryllic case is held together- on the sides, they really need to make the areas where the screws and nuts are a bit more substantial because the honeycomb design just can’t handle the compression and torsion from the fasteners. Also, have to watch out about getting fingerprints on the inside of the case when putting it together.

@thor yeah, this thing is amazing with regards to sounds and what I can do with them. I feel like it’s going to take me the rest of my life to explore the possibilities.

cool cool! yea i don’t like those acrylic enclosures in general either from my own experiences.

the metal shruthi enclosure is pretty solid tho