Buy used now or wait until Black Friday?

Hi all,

I’d love to get your advice on what you think is my best option for acquiring a OP-1. I’ve finally saved up enough money and am very close to bidding on Ebay for a used one. The one thing that has me hesitant is that I’ve heard that TE often produces a new shipment of OP-1’s around the holiday season and Black Friday. If thats the case I’m willing to wait as I’d generally prefer a mint condition product. With the release of the OP-Z though (which i’m also planning to get), I’m concerned they may not order another shipment of the OP-1’s.

What would you all do if you were in my shoes? Thanks for your time and help!

I would email TE support and ask when they’re expecting more. Can’t hurt!

I’d be suprised if you could get a discounted brand new OP-1 on black friday. Have they ever been on sale?

I could be totally wrong, but seems to me like niche products that come out in small and seldom batches like the OP-1 don’t get special holiday pricing.

Hope you get your hands on one either way though!

I ordered my OP-1 from MusiciansFriend in 2013 for a 15% off discount. It can definitely be done, but that would depend on stores having stock and not excluding the OP-1.

I believe I got mine from on a sale 15% but this was a long time ago when they were “easier” to get!