Buy used now or wait until Black Friday?

Hi all (sorry for crossposting on accident),

I’d love to get your advice on what you think is my best option for acquiring a OP-1. I’ve finally saved up enough money and am very close to bidding on Ebay for a used one. The one thing that has me hesitant is that I’ve heard that TE often produces a new shipment of OP-1’s around the holiday season and Black Friday. If thats the case I’m willing to wait as I’d generally prefer a mint condition product. With the release of the OP-Z though (which i’m also planning to get), I’m concerned they may not order another shipment of the OP-1’s.

What would you all do if you were in my shoes? Thanks for your time and help!

damn almost 50 views and 0 answers. this leads me to believe practically no one knows when the next shipment will come in and I should just preorder on MOMA now.

I’m selling mine with accessories and soft case if you’re interested.

OP-1s always seem to come in waves. Nobody really seems to know when a new wave will arrive. Prices steadily go up during droughts and drop again a few weeks after everybody has been restocked again. If you have the patience you’ll benefit financially from waiting. Otherwise go for it.

Personally I couldn’t wait so I bought a used one. I paid around $950, but it is mint & it came with a soft case & an antenna (this was about 2-3 months ago).

If a new 1 was available for $900 when I was looking I would have bought new (the only new 1 was around $1,200 when I was looking).

When new one’s become available for $900, they go FAST (at least that’s how it was when I was looking). Something to keep in mind.

Don’t over pay. Wait for a restock or buy used for a price you are okay with.