Buying a new OP-Z - Best deal you've seen?

I’m planning to buy an op-z. I already own a second hand one, but I now regret buying second hand as it now suffers really badly from the doubletrigs issue and it’s getting worse daily. It was fine when I bought it. I will sell my current one at a loss on eBay (spares/repairs) once I have got a new one and transferred over my sounds.

I recently missed out on the gear4music sale where they were only £450! I was just a bit too slow.

If anyone sees another good price for a new op-z, can you reply to this post? Money is kinda tight for me at the moment, especially having spent on this op-z that’s not working well…

Or, does anyone know if there is some sort of alert website that checks websites for deals? I know you can do this with Amazon, but I’ve not seen anything for general online sales.