Buying a second (og) op1 to compliment op1f

Hi all,

Im thinking about buying a second op1 along side my op1f so it would become a 8 track device. This way i can also play a drum and synth sequence at the same time.

Anyone have thoughts on this (i know its expensive)?
I dont have interest in buying a multi track recorder, already owned one once and i didnt like it.

Friendly greetings!

I didn’t sell my OP-1 after getting Field. They work reasonably well together, but I didn’t find anything mind-blowing in terms of workflow. Their sonic character is somewhat different. Controlling two units with all their modes takes some getting used to, because both of them rely on mode-switching. You generally want to plug OP-1 output into Field input to get stereo effects and higher quality of recording.

Playing two tapes at the same type is interesting. Something I didn’t fully explore yet. Having Synth FX + Master FX + Master FX on another unit is also interesting. Having two sequencers running at the same time is interesting. Obviously, you get to play two patches at the same time or you can use the same one and have 4 octaves. You might want to invest into a short 3.5MM cable with angled jack for better ergonomics.

A fun lo-fi wireless setup is to use Field’s radio broadcasting as a source for OP-1 radio.

Does it make sense overall? Don’t know. I think Field is capable enough to be used solo. I like OP-1 as a kind of memento and an example of a great design philosophy, so I’m not selling it regardless.


If you have enough money to do it…why not?

I’m a happy OG1 owner who’s always felt like OP1f didn’t impress me enough to crave an upgrade, until recently

I’d miss the OG if I could only afford it’s replacement by selling the classic, but I’d jump at the chance to own both. The tape mode is an expansion of my favourite workflow of all time & it’d be great to try weaving beats together with a tandem setup

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i knew i shouldn’t have come to this thread :sweat_smile::laughing:

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You might want to look on Amazon UK. They are selling what must be the last stocks of brand new OP1’s for around £753 today, 16th March . Although more expensive than a second-hand OG OP1, you’ll get a warranty.

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I wonder id be able to ship to USA :joy_cat:

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Haha not sure about that. I hate to think what the shipping cost would be :laughing:

Not sure if it’s worth buying a second op1 but I do enjoy connecting my og with the field some times.

The issue I found with trying to use my op1 and op1f for something like an track is that I haven’t found a way to link the play and record between the two. Well at least not in a way that would make them a really useful 8 track. The only way to sync them up I have found is to hold / arm record on both and play a note on the og op1 which will trigger both to start recording. Hitting record or play on either would start the other playing or if record was armed then start recording. So far I’ve had no luck. Anyone know if this is possible?

As mentioned above I mostly use the op1f midi to drive the og op1 and pass the output into the input of the op1f. Adds a lot of fun sound layes. Also as mentioned using sequencers is fun as well. But I record everything to the op1f.